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Workplace retaliation refers to an employer taking an adverse employment action or engaging in discriminatory behavior against an employee. The employer does so specifically because the employee participates in a protected activity.

Protected activities in employment law include filing a complaint about:

Employees who take leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act can also be subjected to workplace retaliation.

Recognizing the Signs of Retaliation at Work

Workplace retaliation can manifest itself in a variety of actions that vary in severity. Some types of retaliation are obvious, such as wrongful termination or wrongful constructive termination Other forms of workplace retaliation can be more challenging to spot.

Signs you are a victim of retaliation at work include:

  • Your workload is suddenly increased or decreased
  • You are switched to a less desirable shift or assignment
  • You start receiving negative performance reviews or job references
  • Your supervisors make it difficult to perform your job
  • You are excluded from meetings, trainings, and company correspondence
  • You are subject to illegitimate disciplinary action
  • You are denied access to resources for career advancement
  • You are denied a promotion or raise
  • Your salary is reduced
  • You are demoted or fired

Remedies That You Can Recover

In a workplace retaliation case, you can receive compensation for a variety of damages. These damages include:

  • Economic damages for compensation that you would have received had you not been retaliated against
  • Emotional distress damages for the pain and suffering that you were forced to endure as a result of the retaliatory conduct
  • Punitive damages in order to punish the wrongdoer. Punitive damages are not typically awarded. However, they can be if the Court or a jury determines that a managing agent of the employer acted with malice, oppression or fraud
  • Attorneys Fees and Costs. If you win a retaliation lawsuit, your attorney may be entitled to his/her attorney fees and costs associated with litigating your case

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  • Sexual Harassment

    Webber Law Group obtained a global settlement of $1,200,000 on behalf of employees who were subjected to sexual harassment at work.


  • Race Harassment & Discrimination

    At a previous firm, Mr. Webber obtained a settlement on behalf of a single plaintiff against a large retailer where the plaintiff was subjected to offensive race harassment.


  • Physical Disability Discrimination & Retaliation

    At a previous firm, Mr. Webber obtained a settlement on behalf of a single plaintiff, suffering from a physical disability, against a large retailer, where the defendant failed to accommodate the plaintiff’s medical restrictions and unlawfully terminated the plaintiff because of her physical disability.


  • Employment - Race Harassment

    Webber Law Group obtained a settlement of $725,000 on behalf of an employee who was subjected to race harassment at work.


  • Employment - Race Harassment

    At a previous firm, Mr. Webber obtained a settlement on behalf of a single plaintiff against a defendant where the plaintiff was subjected to offensive race harassment.


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